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Security concepts by Dussmann Service are prepared on the basis of the clients‘ individual needs. Faultless implementation depends on the factors of quality, personnel, documentation, organization and security technology. These are professionally coordinated and interlinked to ensure efficient operations.

For example, the deployment of modern security technology requires well-trained personnel. We select our security staff with care and provide initial training and regular further training. The documentation of security services needs to be comprehensive and comprehensible. This is not only important for questions of liability but also for organizational reasons. Our client-oriented quality management prescribes documentation of audits and procedures deploying computer-supported methods.

To ensure availability of technical security systems, we work closely with our technical services division. On request we can also provide the investment necessary for new technical security equipment.

Many of our clients have put their trust in Dussmann Service security services for many years now. We would be happy provide references on request. Should you need an analysis of your organization’s security requirements, we would be pleased to prepare a proposal.

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Alarm Receiving Center

DIN EN 50518

Dussmann Service is one of the first service providers to operate an alarm receiving center which complies with DIN EN 50518 norms. Security alarms from all over Germany and the EU are connected.