Facility Management for Retailing

Facility Services 24 Hours a Day

In car show-rooms, shopping centers, department stores and retail chain outlets, service takes top priority in retailing. This includes not only attentive sales staff but also faultlessly clean, customer-friendly sales rooms.

Our concepts for retailing combine the whole range of facility services from one source. We tailor them for your individual requirements and are happy to be of service 24 hours a day: flexible, discrete, reliable.

Our cleaning operatives see that your sales rooms are flawlessly clean before you open but also during opening times too. In addition to high cleaning standards, we take care not to disturb your clients.

You can rely on the discretion of our security services in day-to-day operations. And in the event of an emergency our well-trained security staff is competent and cool-headed.

Our technical services ensure the reliability of all of your technical systems. We work proactively and prevent faults before they occur.

Our catering team organizes varied, healthy staff meals or, on request, creative event services.

Call us if you would like to learn more about client-oriented facility management for retailing. We would be happy to hear from you. 

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Interior Cleaning

Cost Effective

We have developed modern procedures and techniques in our interior cleaning operations which help us to work faster, more efficiently and more safely. 

Coffee Bars

Adapted for your needs

A coffee bar can be added to complement existing food outlets.