Facility Management for Cultural Organizations

Individually Orchestrated Services for Your Institution

As a manager of a cultural organization, you are subject to the conflicting pressures of creativity, visitor orientation and time pressure. Often, valuable time is lost that you would rather devote to your core business: art and cultural issues.

Our concepts for cultural organizations enable us to take on responsibility for all of your facility services and simultaneously reduce costs. The unique feature is their individuality; together with our client, we develop a customized solution for each organization. This Begins with an analysis of the status quo and extends to management services. It is important that we establish a mutual understanding of service levels which in turn specifies the way we provide services and the qualifications of our personnel.

Facility management concepts for cultural organizations consist of three modules. The first involves all of the services for visitors; friendly, helpful and knowledgeable personnel are paramount. The second module concerns the services that ensure that everything functions smoothly behind the scenes. And thirdly, we serve the specific functions of your organization such as events or tours. We are happy to advise and help you plan services.

Services in cultural institutions often need specialized knowledge - from deep-cleaning and care of historical floors and cleaning of exhibits to specific security requirements. Our service team is trained specifically for the needs of your facility.

For an initial insight into our services for cultural organizations, please contact us by phone or send us an email.

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Museum Security

Individual Concepts

We have taken on the responsibility for security in a number of museums. We provide cashier services, entry control and museum attendants. 

Interior Cleaning

Cost Effective

We have developed modern procedures and techniques in our interior cleaning operations which help us to work faster, more efficiently and more safely.