Modern Catering for Seniors

Customized and Appetizing

Our holistic concept for the special needs of seniors focusses on the promotion, maintenance and improvement of health in later years. We combine optimum nutrition with enjoyable food and a diet which is tailor-made to the needs of the elderly and combats malnutrition and deficiencies.

The concept also addresses documentation of eating behavior and communication between nursing, kitchen and service staff. These are improved and client-oriented quality Management is established. The program includes case history, documentation of food and beverage consumption, recommendations on meal distribution, aids for eating and drinking and hygiene regulations for therapy kitchens. A further component is a comprehensive training program for carers, kitchen and housekeeping personnel.

Our catering can be individualized around the needs and the special situation of your organization. This enables you to reap all of the benefits resulting from improved catering including improvement in the health of residents, reduction of costs due to decreased care needs and a positive effect on the facility’s image.

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HACCP Concept

Food Hygiene

The HACCP concept is an efficient control system that guarantees strict food hygiene and safety in production processes. Reliability is ensured by consistent documentation and regular HACCP audits carried out by an external hygiene institute.